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Core: Forms - Anti Spam Measures


This document provides information about anti-spam functionality on Core website forms.


Hidden Captcha Field

The following info was taken from a since-deleted document by Aaron Webre 1/10/12 (ref #18786):

  • Certain G5 forms have a hidden security field that any "normal" user cannot populate

  • We use this field so that forms cannot be spammed by 'bots' that automatically fill out and submit forms

  • If this hidden field is populated, a Page Not Found error will be returned

  • In some cases, users experiencing this issue, may have a form auto-filler plug-in or setting running

  • To determine if a form has the hidden field, open the form in it's own window and view source and search for lead_or_quote_comments

  • If this input id is included in the form source code, then the hidden captcha field is active


Do Not Reply and Unsubscribe

The following info was taken from a since-deleted document by Will Sharp 6/12/12:

  • Do Not Reply and Unsubscribe can be removed, but those elements are in place to comply with the CAN Spam Act recommendations

  • For info on the Act, see CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business and CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • If a client insists on removing or overriding any of the anti-Spam measures, they must be made aware that we will not guarantee or support delivery of their leads

  • We will make sure the lead is sent, but won't offer any support beyond that

  • This conversation and acknowledgment should be noted in the site build documentation, or the Customer Care ticket