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Core: Forms - Bluemoon Application


This document explains how to add a Bluemoon form to a Core website.



  • Check the Wireframe to determine if the Bluemoon code has been added to the clients' sites (template sites should already have the code)

  • If the code is not present on the clients' sites, a Dev will need to add a start_application controller method to content_methods, and any conditionals that will point to the form link to the apply_bm lead slug

  • Once the code has been created, create a new Client Center form (if one hasn't been created already) and add custom values to each location using the integration; the form should be named something like Apply (BM). This is a simple lead capture form, so it should only contain basic fields: Application HTML Text, Name and Email, unless otherwise specified by the client.

  • The Redirect To URL on Save field needs to have a value of /content/start_application/ (core partial unless overridden). The Form 'Slug' URLfield needs to have a value of apply_bm. The Redirect and Slug fields and their values are essential for the Bluemoon form to work

  • For each location integrating a Bluemoon form, create a custom value named bluemoon_form, with the form code as the value

  • The form code should be supplied by the client, and should look similar to the following:


<FORM method="post" action="https://www.bluemoon.com/rentalapp/index.php">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="IMPORTXML" value="



<SERIAL-NUMBER>**Unique to each location/form**</SERIAL-NUMBER>




<TO-EMAIL>**Unique to each location/form**</TO-EMAIL>

<CREDIT-CARDS-ACCEPTED>MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover</CREDIT-CARDS-ACCEPTED>








<INPUT name="LAUNCHRENTALAPP" type="submit" value="Launch Rental Application">



  • If the client hasn't supplied this form code, or it seems to be malfunctioning, you can re-generate the code here: Blue Moon Software - Developers - Online Rental Application (click the 'Launch Generator link in the lower right).

  • A number of G5 clients use Bluemoon application forms. For examples, see Abbey Residential, PASSCO,or Sequoia Real Estate Management