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Core: Inheritable Keyword Text


This document explains the process for changing inheritable keyword text on a Core website.

  • Note: this process assumes that the change is being made post-launch, however, most of these steps must be completed if the change is made before pre-launch as well


Customer Care vs Pro Services

If core info was entered incorrectly by G5, or if there is some kind of legal/exceptional reason, Customer Care will handle this project. Otherwise, regardless of whether G5 will charge for the project (CPM may decide to waive the fee), the project needs to go through Pro Services for the following reasons:

  1. The project requires a Project Manager to coordinate resources across different teams, and to ensure accuracy and timeliness

  2. The project constitutes a major change to the configuration of a location's SEO strategy, PPC campaigns and website configuration


Project Manager Responsibilities

  1. Confirm keyword text with the CPM/Client (usually the care level for Senior Living vertical but not exclusively).

  2. Notify the SEO team to review and verify the proposed changes are positive.

  3. If the keyword text is not something that is already in use on the platform, you will need to check with Engineering - you need to coordinate with them to restart nginx right after you change the inheritable keyword text. Submit a Help Desk ticket to initiate coordination.

  4. Prepare a redirect document in Excel with current URLs that contain the slug that will change and what the new URLs will be.

  5. Share this Excel document with the paid analyst on the account so they can alter the destination URLs of their ads and update them with the new URLs

  6. Change inheritable keyword text in the Client Center. Note: If the Inheritable Value is new, the page will error out until Unicorns is restarted. Request this be done by Jeff.

  7. In Engineering reboot nginx (if necessary)

  8. Enter 301 redirects in the Client Center

  9. Edit all interior links that are not dynamically created

  10. If the site uses the Menu Tree for navigation, the menu will need to be deleted and rebuilt

  11. QA the site - make sure location shows up in appropriate care type/area landing pages. Sometimes the store needs to be associated with the page through the Associate Multiple Stores button while editing the page.

  12. Update the SEO strategy in the wireframe. If this change is not approved by the SEO team, please note that as well.


Paid Responsibilities

  1. Alter the destination URLs of the locations ads and update them with the new URLs


SEO Responsibilities

  1. The inheritable value for a location will display in a multitude of locations, so it is important to verify with SEO that the change is a positive one, as it will affect the optimization of the site (be it community pages or the entire site).

  2. Changing the inheritable value would require research on our end, and that can take 10-15 minutes per location.

  3. Enter 301 redirects