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Core: Street Address or Phone Number


This document explains the process for changing a street address or phone number on a Core website.

  • Note: changes will be made only if the information is verified as the legal USPS-registered address


Customer Care vs Pro Services

If core info was entered incorrectly by G5, or if there is some kind of legal/exceptional reason, Customer Care will handle this project. Otherwise, regardless of whether G5 will charge for the project (CPM may decide to waive the fee), the project needs to go through Pro Services for the following reasons:

  1. The project requires a Project Manager to coordinate resources across different teams, and to ensure accuracy and timeliness

  2. The project constitutes a major change to the configuration of a location's SEO strategy, PPC campaigns and website configuration


CPM Responsibilities

  1. Make sure request to change info is valid

  2. Submit a Customer Care ticket

  3. CC involved departments (SEO, Paid) on Customer Care ticket


Project Manager Responsibilities

  1. Confirm info change with CPM/Client and ensure the reason for change is valid for SEO best practices.

  2. Change info in Client Center in the General tab => Client Center pushes new address to 360 nightly, so no need to update address in 360

  3. Click the Geocode Lookup button on the Website tab in CC to refresh the Google map marker for the location

  4. Ensure that the new address is reflected in Reputation Manager, if client is using that service

    1. Note: SEO will need to update new address on the Google+ page, but that's already standard procedure for SEO when we pass a core info change ticket to them; however, client will need to update this info in Apartment Ratings and Yelp (Tyler Herrick advised 3/1/13 that SEO does not do this)


SEO Responsibilities

  1. Verify address is valid according to the USPS

  2. Update Google Places and request letter verification if phone call not an option

  3. Update Yelp & Superpages

  4. Update the Localeze data push if applicable


Paid Responsibilities

  1. Make decision as to if the current budget allows for this addition targeting to be included in the campaigns

  2. If client wants paid campaigns to cover this additional city names provide a budget recommendation for the CPM to present to the client