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Core: Troubleshooting Core Website Issues


This document provides a guide for diagnosing, troubleshooting and resolving G5 Core system errors and issues.


Website Issues - Platform

  • Clear browser cache

    • Function: clears cached version of webpages stored on your computer for purposes of speeding up page load time when you visit the same page a 2nd time

    • Why use it: to view most recent version of an edited webpage, sometimes you must re-request the page from the server, rather than viewing cached version

    • How to use it: depends on browser; see: Cache: How Do I Clear My Browsers Cache?

  • Clear platform cache

    • Function: clears cached version of webpages we store on the Redis server, in order to avoid having to "rebuilt" webpages prior to serving them up

    • Why use it: often when a webpage is edited (especially when a new photo or asset is added), the page must be "rebuilt" before being served up

    • How to use it: access CC, in main menu, hover over My Client Center, click Manage Clients, click Clear Cache (directly below main menu)

  • Rebuild Bundles

    • Function: compresses the JS/CSS files in the Template Path to a single file, so multiple files don't need to be parsed - performance related

    • Why use it: has shown to be effective when done in tandem with Clear Cache

    • How to use it: access CC, in main menu, hover over My Client Center, click Manage Clients, click Rebuild Bundles (directly below main menu)

  • Verify domain record in CC

    • Function: the domain record stores domain information that the platform uses to serve up our webpages

    • Why use it: a website issue may be the result of a missing or invalid value in a field for the domain record

    • How to use it: access CC, Domains tab, and verify fields on domains records are complete and valid: Template Path, Layout, JS Framework, Association ID

  • Verify domain record at domain registrar

    • Function: the domain registrar account controls certain settings and/or configuration that could affect the website display

    • Why use it: a website issue may be the result of domain settings and/or configuration within the domain registrar account

    • How to use it: access registrar account and check settings and configuration: check for domain forwards, ensure domain not expired, that A record is correctly pointed (for Core sites:

  • Reload Nginx server

    • Function: the Nginx server determines the template path to apply when we serve up a webpage

    • Why use it: this action should be taken for things such as a client going through a domain name change

    • How to use it: submit a Customer Care ticket requesting an Nginx reload; this request is completed by Engineering

      • Note: exception: Nginx reloads can be done in Demo by any user with the following Custom Privileges: server_admin, and redirect_admin

  • Deploy site

    • Function: deploys the latest branch of the template code

    • Why use it: this action may be necessary when the template code has been updated by a FEWE (new domains and often new locations under a parent domain?; src: Troubleshooting Tips for New Location Deployment Issues)

    • How to use it: contact a FEWE and request, if applicable

  • Rebuild vhost .map file

    • Function: connects domain's template path to the applicable CSS and JS files

    • Why use it: this action may be necessary when the template code has been updated by a FEWE (new domains and often new locations under a parent domain?

    • How to use it: contact a FEWE and request, if applicable

  • Ensure assets loaded to WWA can be loaded with no category assigned

    • Function: if site is not coded to allow assets to be loaded to the Client Center via Work With Assets, it could bring the site down

    • Why use it: we have seen a site go down as a result of loading a PDF file to WWA with no category assigned (ref #77995)

    • How to use it: contact a FEWE and request that core code be checked for this

  • Check BitBucket

    • Function: contains code/repositories for custom templates and is where new/edited code is pushed to production

    • Why use it: sometimes recently pushed code could be causing a website error

    • How to use it: look under the applicable repository (template?) to see if there was a recent push request that may have been responsible for the issue, and if so, contact the FEWE

      • Example: enter g5dev/skyline in the owner/repository search field (located in the main menu, top right), check Recent Activity on the right side of the page for "Pushed to g5dev/skyline"

  • Check Resque

    • Function: this is an app used by Engineering to check status of jobs running

    • Why use it: a website issue may be the result of a job running but not yet completed, or a job that has some type of error

    • How to use it: access the app and look for errors, and if there are errors, contact a FEWE

  • Check with IT

    • Function: IT controls the blocking of websites that have malicious and/or suspicious content

    • Why use it: if a domain that's on the G5 platform, and for which there is a domain record in the Domains tab on CC, is redirecting to www.google.com, we could be blocking that site in error

    • How to use it: submit an IT ticket via email it.support@getg5.com


Website Issues - Miscellaneous

  • Location missing on Locations Page

    • Individual location display may be controlled on the applicable page by the Associate Multiple Stores button

  • Location missing in Search function

    • If a location is not displaying on search of a city in which location resides in: access CC, corporate-level, Website tab, increase zip radius

      • Note: if a location is WLO, it will not display in any Find our community search function on the site, and it shouldn't; the reason is that they have no SEO Full Service. However, the location should display in main navigation and on area/location pages, as it should


Website Issues - Mobile Site

  • Ensure Mobile Plan is correct: in Client Center main nav, hover Edit My Site, click Mobile Settings and Content, check selected plan under Mobile Plan section

  • If can't click on item in main nav, add the same item to that item's sub nav (ref #64329)


Web Browser Issues

  • Broken gallery in IE: check for any broken assets in WWA (Prod and Demo), and remove them

  • 404 Error: see if services are not active yet; 404's can be thrown if services are PEND-ADD, even if non-Website CT services are ACTIVE

  • Page not found: check liquid code in page

  • Were sorry, but something went wrong

    • This error means that the request hit our servers

    • Ensure domain record set up correctly: Template Path, Layout, Association ID

    • Check JSON in custom values, if applicable

    • Units Category: if storage (or another vertical that uses this tab), ensure there is a unit is assigned category

    • Was there an Engineering Release in the immediate or recent past?

  • Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.domain.com

    • This error means that the request didn't hit our servers


Design Collection Issues

  • Insight: if either of the two locations displayed in the Nearby Locations section of a location homepage do not have a photo loaded to WWA under category corp_search_photo, it can potentially break the slideshow of all three locations (ref #77300) => PT Story #87450186 is submitted for this

  • Insight: on click of a Google map marker, a text box pops up and is supposed to display the address for that location. Although the appearance is that the address is not displaying, it is displaying in white font, so it cannot be seen. This is a known issue, reference PT Story #73410018.


Integration Issues