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Core: Troubleshooting Google Map Issues


This document covers some basic troubleshooting for Google Map issues on Core websites.


Map zoom issue

  1. In order to display location map markers (pins) for additional or fewer locations on a Google map, adjust the magnification:

    1. Access the Client Center, hover over My Client Center, then click Client Navigation Areas

    2. On the Area Management screen, in the Select Area Type field, select the desired option from the dropdown menu (this is typically State)

    3. In the Client field, select the applicable client from the dropdown menu => the screen is refreshed and additional fields display

    4. In the Magnification field, change the value => the lower the number, the greater the magnification (i.e the closer the zoom)


Map not framed correctly

  1. If a Google map is not framed around a location map marker (pin) in a desirable way, change the latitude and longitude coordinates for the map:

    1. Access applicable location in the Client Center, then access the General tab

    2. In the Google Maps Integration section, ensure the coordinates in the Latitude and Longitude fields are present and accurate, save and check the webpage; if this does not fix, then:

    3. Access the Directions webpage in the Client Center Pages screen, remove any value listed in the Partial Options field (the existing value may be {"latitude": "xx.xx", "magnification": "", "longitude": "-xxx.xx"}), then save and check the webpage; if this does not fix:

    4. Switch the partial being used to display the Google map => uncheck the map partial (located in the Default Partials folder; request a Dev create a map_location_name partial and use that partial


Replicating text issue

  1. On click of a Google map marker for a location, a pop-up displays location branded name and address

  2. If a location's branded name, city, or state fields include an apostrophe, the text in the popup may replicate what follows the apostrophe; ex: Coeur d'Alene displays as Coeur dAleneAlene (ref #6556)

  3. The fix: replace the apostrophe with HTML code: ' in the applicable Client Center location's General tab field