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Core: Work with Specials


This document provides information on specials for Core websites. Specials are typically a styled graphic (button) with editable text. Specials are enclosed within a container or border. On click of the special, a coupon is displayed.  That coupon can be either printed or sent to a mobile device.



  • Some of the settings for specials are controlled by inheritable values:

    • inheritable_coupon_disclaimer_text => controls the disclaimer that displays at the bottom of the coupon

    • inheritable_barcode_display_setting => controls whether the coupon displays a barcode; set to 1 (true) to display or set to 0 (false) to hide barcode



  • The code for specials: <%= link_to_function("#{@store.special.text if(@store.special)}", "popupWindow('#{url_for(:action => 'coupon', :id => @store)}','600','660')", :id => 'special') %>

  • This code renders a popup with the text pulled from the Client Center; the text can be styled using HTML tags and classes, which are added by the Devs when the site is being built:

    • <span class="single">One Line Special</span> => use when text will be a single line (this is the default setting, so is typically only required if specified by the developer)

    • <span class="top">Top Line of Special</span> => use for top line of a two-line special

    • <span class="bottom">Bottom Line of Special</span> => use for the bottom line of a two-line special

    • <span class="color[n]">Text of a different color</span> => use to change the font color; n = "1" or "2"

    • <span class="medium">Medium sized text</span> => use to decrease font size to a size smaller than the default size

    • <span class="small">Small sized text</span> => use to decrease font size to a size smaller than the medium size

  • If the classes listed above do not work, those classes may not have been coded by the Dev; use basic HTML attributes instead:

    • <span style="font-size: small;">Text</span>

    • <span style="font-size: medium;">Text</span>

    • <span style="font-size: large;">Text</span>

    • <font size=+1>Text</font>

    • <font size=+2>Text</font>

    • <font size=+3>Text</font>


Lead Data Collection

  • When a user clicks the Print Coupon and Directions or Send to Cell Phone link on the coupon, the following data is recorded in the Client Center:

    • Location name and ID, coupon code, user's mobile number (if Send to Cell Phone was clicked), date and time, user's IP address


Coupon Redemption

  • When the user presents the printed coupon or mobile number to the location, the client must redeem the coupon in the Client Center:

    • In the Client Center main menu, hover over Reports, then Leads, then click Coupon

    • Click the Redeem By Coupon Code button and enter the coupon code (labeled Offer # on the coupon, below the barcode and logo); or click the Redeem By Mobile button and enter the mobile phone number

    • The date of redemption now displays in the Redeemed column of the Coupon screen

  • If the coupon code does not match one in the Client Center, the error message Coupon Not Found displays. This is likely the result of the user has printing the coupon using a function such as CTRL+P or Print Screen; in order for the coupon data to be recorded in the Client Center, the Print Coupon and Directions or Send to Cell Phone links must have been clicked