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Customer Care: New Hire Onboarding


This document explains Customer Care’s new hire onboarding process. New hires should complete the tasks listed below that apply to their employment category (FT/PT/Temp).


See the New Hire Onboarding Checklist here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3FKapl78M9tlo9Re6Gii0zaKcHjmdq939U_PqeeKHyJSxAg/viewform


Week One at G5 - Orientation

  1. Perform all tasks in the Human Resources (HR) First Week Checklist, including reading the G5 Employee Handbook (HR runs audits to confirm acknowledgement of this)

    1. Note: this applies to FT/PT employees only

  2. Review and sign G5 Code of Conduct - Rules - Policies

    1. Note: this applies to contract employees (temps), contractors, and interns only

Day One in Customer Care - Orientation

Become familiar with some important Customer Care administrative and departmental items:

  1. Re-review the following items covered in the G5 Employee Handbook:

    1. Employment Categories: p11-12

    2. Paid Time-Off Policy: p15 => applies to FT and PT employees

    3. G5 Equipment Policy: p28 => need IT (& Customer Care Manager) permission to take hardware off the premises; exceptions: business travel, working remotely

    4. Working from home: not in handbook => is at the discretion of the CC Manager

  2. Take client base overview with Customer Care Manager:

    1. Verticalization: multifamily, self storage, senior living

    2. Levels of Service (LOS)

Week One in Customer Care - Training Phase I

Become familiar with some of the standard tasks performed in Customer Care:

  1. Take G5 University training classes and quizzes. Use Location One in the G5 University CMS to try the tasks (DON’T use the Corporate location); registration instructions:

    1. Access the G5 University Website

    2. Complete the Sign up for G5 Training form (towards bottom of homepage)

    3. When when you receive your login info, access the LMS system and begin

  2. Review the Knowledge Base to become familiar with our client-facing materials, especially the following sections:

    1. Basic Webpage Edits

    2. Widgets (non-photo-related)

    3. Work With Images

    4. Widgets (photo-related)

  3. Review the Customer Care Google Site to become familiar with our internal-facing materials, which are organized into appropriate folders