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Customer Care Process: Call Tracking - Marchex Provisioning


This document covers the call tracking provisioning process. This process requires access to the following systems: Marchex, Client Center and CPNS (Local Call Finder may be needed, but is open source).


Complete Marchex Configuration



  1. Access Marchex

  2. Press Ctrl and click Order Numbers to open the screen in a new browser tab

  3. In the search field, enter the client name

  1. Click the + (plus sign) to the left of the client name

  2. Click Ad Campaigns

  1. In the search field, enter the location name for which the number is being provisioned

  1. On the Website number, or the Responsive number, click Settings

  1. Take note of values in the Business Hours Playfile field and in the Record Call field

  1. Access the Order Numbers tab, then click Order Numbers by Prefix

  1. In the Prefix to match field, enter the first six digits of the Match Prefix To (should be provided in the ticket). If one is not provided, use the first six digits of the Forward to # (should be listed in the ticket).

  2. Click the Search button

  1. If the Search Results produce an exact match, use one of the listed number, unless it has 666, 911 or any other numbers that carry negative stigma, or that are known as an emergency number

  1. If the Search Results do not produce an exact match, use the Local Call Finder to see if the number is local

  2. If you cannot find a local number, provision a non-local number that populates when you search for the area code and prefix of the number to which you’re trying to match

  1. When you’ve chosen a number, click the Provision button => this action adds the words Added to Account (Undo)to the right of the number

  1. Go back to the Ad Campaigns screen, then click the + New Ad button

  1. In the Add to Group field, select Default

  2. In both the Name and in the Description fields, enter the name of the campaign in the following format: Location Name - Campaign (ex: Compass #365 (Princeton Glendale) - Monument sign)

  3. Click the Next button

  1. In the Number Prefix field, select the area code of the number you provisioned

  2. In the Inbound Number field, select the full number phone you provisioned

  3. Click the Done button

  1. When the Campaign Settings screen displays, complete the following fields:

  2. In the Business Hours Playfile field, select the appropriate playfile

  3. In the After Hours Playfile field: select the appropriate playfile

  4. In the Timezone field, enter PST

  5. In the Record Calls field, select Yes (if appropriate), then click OK when the popup message displays

  6. In the Global Forward Timeout field, enter 100 seconds

  7. In the Call End Postback URL field, enter the postback URL (if appropriate)

    1. Postback URL should be applied if the number is a PPC Campaign, Website, or Responsive number

    2. Postback URL is CLS URL + /voicestar_calls; ex: https://g5-cls-1t5t8rc1-storquest-self.herokuapp.com/voicestar_calls

  8. Click the Save button (upper right corner of the screen)

  1. Click the Forward To tab

  2. In the New Forward box, enter the Forward To Number in the Number field

  3. Click the Add button (upper right corner of the box) => this action adds the number to a list on the left side of the screen

  4. Click the Save button (upper right corner of the screen)






Complete Client Center Configuration




  1. Access Client Center

  2. Hover over My Client Center in the main navigation, click Work With Stores, then click the location

  3. Click Service Detail View in the main navigation

  4. Ensure the location displayed in the location dropdown menu at the top left of the screen is the appropriate location

  1. See if the campaign is already included in the list of campaigns

    1. If it is, skip the step immediately below and advance to the next step

    2. If  it isn't, click the Add Other Campaign button at the bottom of the screen

  1. In the Media Group field, select the appropriate value, provided by the requester

  2. In the Channel Name field, enter the appropriate value, provided by the requester

  1. Right-click on the campaign, then click Add Call Tracking

  1. Complete all fields called out in the screenshot below



Complete CPNS Configuration

  1. This section is in progress. For help with this part of the process, contact Customer Care's Call Tracking Subject Matter Expert.


Test the Number

This is required for all call tracking numbers.

  1. Call the new call tracking number and ensure it rings through to the correct client/location

  2. If the number is for a Cloud location, check the test call lead in the CLS to make sure there are no errors

  3. For Responsive/Website/PPC Campaigns: check to make sure these numbers are displaying correctly on the website


Important Reminders

  • Campaign name: format is: Location Name - Campaign Name

  • Playfile:  clients may use a silent playfile, a custom playfile, or a generic playfile

  • Call recording: most clients record their calls but some do not. If a client records their calls, they must legally advise the caller they are being recorded. For this reason, clients who record their calls must either:

    • Have an active Playfile turned on in Marchex for every campaign which advises calls are being recorded, OR

    • Acknowledge an email waiver from G5 which states they understand they are legally responsible for advising callers they are being recorded and if they choose to turn off the Playfile through G5, they must have another Playfile turned on through a 3rd party phone service advising callers of this.

  • Time Zone : always use PST

  • Seconds: always use 100 seconds

  • Postback Url used for Website/Desktop, Responsive, and PPC Campaign CTNs for Cloud sites only. The Postback URL is the CLS link + /voicestar_calls. Ex: https://g5-cls-1t5t8rc1-storquest-self.herokuapp.com/voicestar_calls

  • Forward to #: provided by the requester, must be be entered into Marchex and in the Client Hub

  • CPM Codes: used to identify PPC Campaigns and apply them to the website; must be entered in the Client Center and the CPNS. Testing cpmcodes: ?cpm=ppcgoogle



  • Marchex Contact information

    • Nick McDonnell <nmcdonnell@marchex.com>, Nikki LeDrew <nledrew@marchex.com>, and Leeyah Heilicher <lheilicher@marchex.com>

    • Hawaii/Alaska #’s - G5 has limited access to Hawaii/Alaska #’s. If one of these is needed we must email Marchex for them to make one available.