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Customer Care Process: Create User Accounts


This document covers creating client user accounts in various G5 systems. Prior to adding accounts, verify account access is authorized by a designated client User Administrator, or by an Account Manager.

  • Note: to save unnecessary steps and to avoid potential account conflict, follow this order for account creation: Rep & Social (Chatmeter), Reputation Manager, Auth, Client Center, Zendesk


Rep & Social (Chatmeter)

  1. Assume the user account in the G5 Marketing Cloud

  2. Click the toggle menu (see red arrow in screenshot 1 at right) to see if the icon displays Reputation & Social or Reputation Manager, then follow either step 1 or step 2 below, whichever is applicable:

    1. If the icon is titled Reputation Manager, this means the client is using Rep Manager, not Rep & Social; advance to the Reputation Manager section below

    2. If the icon is titled Reputation & Social, then the client is using Rep & Social; instruct the user to access the G5 Marketing Cloud, click the toggle menu, and click Reputation & Social

      1. Note: this action creates a Rep & Social user account, as long as the user already has an Auth account (which he would have to have in order to access the G5 Marketing Cloud in first place)

    3. If neither icon displays, the client has not contracted for either product; advance to the Auth section below


Reputation Manager

  1. Access Rep Manager

    1. Note: skip the step if the client is using Rep & Social rather than Reputation Manager

  2. In the top navigation of the homepage, click Admin

  1. In the top navigation of the admin Dashboard screen, click Users

  1. Enter the user's name in the NAME field, or email address in the EMAIL field, then click the Filter button

  2. Follow either step 1 or step 2 below, whichever is applicable:

    1. If an account shows in the search, do not create a new account; advise the client an account already exists

    2. If an account does not show in the search, select the client name from the ORGANIZATION dropdown menu, then click the Filter button

  1. Locate a client account with the account owner role, then click Assume for that account

    1. Note: assuming an account owner is the easiest way to create new user accounts

  1. In the top navigation of the admin Dashboard screen, click Users

  1. Click the Create New User button

  1. On the New user screen, enter appropriate values:

    1. In the User Data section, enter the Name and Email

    2. In the Login Details section, enter a Password and Password confirmation

    3. In the Roles section, check the applicable checkbox:

      1. Account owner: gets review notifications for all locations

      2. Member: gets review notifications only for locations to which he is associated

    4. In the Locations section, click in the field to display a dropdown menu of all locations, then select each location to which the user should have access

  2. Click the Create User button







  1. Access Auth

  2. In the top navigation of the homepage, click Users

  1. On the Users screen, follow either step 1 or step 2 below, whichever is applicable:

    1. If you added a Rep Manager account, then an Auth account should have been created automatically; confirm by searching for the account in the search field; if no account is found, perform step 2 below, otherwise advance to the next section

    2. If you did not add a Rep Manager account, click the green + New User button

  1. In the User Details and Contact Information sections, enter applicable values

    1. Note: these fields are self-explanatory and are therefore not covered in detail here

  1. In the Global Roles section, leave the default option as None

  1. In the Client and Location Roles section, locate the Add Role box

  2. Enter the client or location name in the search field (see top red rectangle in screenshot at right)

  3. When available results display, click the Role button (displays as None initially) for the desired client or location

  4. Select the desired role from the dropdown menu (typically Viewer)

    1. Note: this action adds a green + icon next to the record

  1. Click the green + icon to assign the newly created role

  2. Repeat for each client and/or location to which the user should have access

  1. Confirm the new roles now display in the Assigned Roles section (displayed above the Add Role section)

  1. Click the Submit button => this action creates the account and sends a notification to the user with a confirmation link that must be clicked before accessing the G5 Marketing Cloud

    1. Note: currently (as of 7/27/18), access applies to all apps and cannot be segmented; so if a user is granted access to the Dashboard, he will automatically have access to the CMS as well; more flexible user permissions may be addressed by Product at some point


Client Center and Zendesk

  1. Follow the steps outlined in Knowledge Base article Add/Edit G5 Core (Client Center) User Accounts

    1. Note: these steps include granting access to Zendesk (Support Center), which is specifically covered in the article subsection titled Select custom privileges