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Customer Care Process: Pause Services (Cloud)


This document covers the pause services process for Cloud clients. When a client is behind in payments, has stopped making payments, or for some other reason, such as the client will no longer be managing the property (ref #37661), we will temporarily shut their services and website down. Note: this process does not involve deleting the location(s).


Process Detail


  1. Decision to pause Client/Location website(s)

    1. Decision made based on duration of incident, typically 60 days (Corp/SMB), or 90 days (VIP/Key)

  2. Handoff Criteria

    1. Decision made to pause location/client

  3. Trigger

    1. Notify Account Manager to submit ticket

Account Manager

  1. Submit Customer Care ticket

    1. Client Name

    2. Location Name(s)

    3. Effective Date

    4. Reason for pause

    5. Special instructions (if applicable)

    6. CC the appropriate teams (DA, SEO)


Contract Admins

  1. Prepare Client/Location in Client Center

    1. Set Website services (SEO Full Service, Website Listing only) to Paused

    2. Set PPC services to Paused

    3. Do not set any other service statuses to Paused

  2. Handoff Criteria

    1. Appropriate Service(s) set to Paused

    2. Add a comment to the ticket summarizing the work completed

    3. Add the Paid Team member as a CC on the ticket

  3. Trigger

    1. Pass the ticket to the Customer Care Agent who triaged it


Customer Care

After receiving ticket from Contract Admins, Customer Care takes the website down until payment is received.

  • Note: unlike the Deletion processes, which require separate tickets for Contract Admin tasks and Customer Care tasks, the Pausing and Reactivating Services/Website process requires a single ticket only. This is in the interest of simplicity, and is based on the fact the Contract Admins have a single task - turning services off.


  1. Take down website using the following steps:

    1. If mult domain

      1. Access the Website Provisioner, then locate the client record

        1. Under DNS Setup, click the green Hosted on Cloudfront button, then select Host on AWS EC2

        2. Under Domains, click the gray Delete Domains button

    2. If single domain

      1. Access the Client Hub and perform the following tasks:

        1. Change the status to Suspended

        2. Check the No Deploy checkbox

        3. In the Status Note field, add the statement: Location suspended due to client failure to pay invoice

      2. Access the Cloud CMS and perform the following tasks:

        1. Add redirects from the location website to the corporate website homepage

        2. Turn off website navigation on the corporate website

        3. Disable all corporate webpages except for the homepage

        4. Add redirects from all corporate pages to corporate homepage

        5. On the corporate homepage, hide all existing content stripes then add two new content stripes:

          1. Stripe 1: to add spacing on the page; name this stripe #123456 - Spacing, replacing #123456 with the actual ticket number

          2. Stripe 2: to add a 404 error message; name this stripe #123456 - 404 Error message, replacing #123456 with the actual ticket number, then add an HTML Widget and the following code for the 404:

            1. <h1 style="box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 9.77778rem; margin-top: 0px; color: rgb(94, 94, 94); text-align: center;">404</h1>

            2. <h2 style="box-sizing: border-box; margin-top: 0px; color: rgb(94, 94, 94); text-align: center;">WE&#39;RE SORRY, THAT PAGE DOES NOT EXIST</h2>

            3. <p style="box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 0.94444rem; color: rgb(94, 94, 94); margin-bottom: 2.5rem; margin-top: 0px; font-family: open-sans, ">The page might have been deleted or there is an error in the URL. Please check the address bar for any misspellings or go to our home page through the button below.</p>

      3. Handoff Criteria

        1. All of the website pages are directed to a temporary maintenance page

        2. Add a comment to the ticket summarizing the work completed

      4. Trigger

        1. When the Paid Team has completed work and commented in ticket, solve the ticket


Paid Team

  1. Pause PPC campaigns

    1. Go to Google Adwords and Bing interfaces and pause campaigns

  2. Handoff Criteria

    1. Add a comment to the ticket summarizing the work completed

  3. Trigger

    1. NA