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G5 University: Client Training Portal


This document provides information about G5 University, our client training portal.


Live Website: G5 University | G5 Training (http://www.g5university.com/)

All Client training requests must be submitted via the website forms. It's recommended to have the client fill out the form with their training request on their own.


What is G5 University?

In the past G5 has provided one-on-one training or open group client training where we fill an hour of time with as much information about G5 products as possible, often leaving clients confused with too much information at once. When is the last time you became an expert on a subject within an hour? G5 University will provide training materials that clients can access at their leisure and be rewarded for. Not only will G5 University turn our clients into G5 product experts, we will turn them into G5 advocates!


G5 University Sign Up

At this time the G5 University website provides an overview of courses along with a form for G5 Clients to sign up for training. Form submissions will go directly to the Customer Care Team where we will follow up with the clients and provide them access to the training center. G5 University is limited to Cloud clients, with Reputation Manager being the exception. Be sure your users have G5 Cloud accounts, the Customer Care team is not responsible for provisioning auth users.

G5 University | G5 Training (http://www.g5university.com/)


G5 University Training

G5 University is built on an LMS (Learning Management System) where Clients can learn different parts of G5 products including Dashboard, CMS, and Reputation Manager. As more G5 products become available for Client use we will add additional courses. At this time the G5U courses are combined into one to expedite Client Training.


In the future, G5U will be segmented by strategic vertical (multifamily, self-storage, senior living) and by user-type (beginner, intermediate, expert) to offer courses ranging from introductions to products, how to use reporting, how to build and maintain websites, how to manage your online reputation, an overview of digital advertising and marketing terminology, and more. As more G5 products become available for Client use we will add additional courses. Additionally, the G5U website includes a blog offering tips & tricks for various G5 products.




G5U Features

  • Interactive learning with step-by-step walkthroughs and visualizations including gifs and videos of user-action

  • Knowledge-retention quizzes

  • Progress tracking

  • Certificates

  • Client feedback and course ratings


How can I submit feedback and requests for content additions?

G5U offers a form for client feedback after each course as well as a rating on how useful they found the course. G5 Employees may simply comment on this document or contact byron.milligan@getg5.com (email, hangouts, slack, in person. Smoke signals are not accepted or encouraged)


I did not read anything above I just want to provide my clients with training on G5 products, what do I do? Refer your client to http://www.g5university.com/ where they can sign up by filling out the form on every page. The Customer Care Team will provide access to the training courses. Please, do not fill out this form for your clients. If a client can not fill out a three-field form, they probably cannot complete training.


G5 University Updates

Learning Paths & Courses


Date Launched

G5 & Digital Marketing Terminology

G5 & Digital Marketing Terminology will cover common terminology used throughout G5 Products, websites, marketing, and digital advertising.


G5 101: Introduction to Dashboard, RM, CMS Learning Path

G5 101 consists of 3 courses. First, we provide users with the knowledge they need to access the G5 Marketing Cloud Dashboard, log in, and navigate to other G5 Products. Then, we provide an overview of RM for users to learn how to fully manage their online reputation. Lastly, we provide a basic overview of different views within the CMS.


G5 Beginner: Reputation Manager

For our clients who do not have G5 Marketing Cloud access or only want to work in Reputation Manager. The RM course is the same as the G5 101 course without the Dashboard and CMS overview.


G5 Beginner: Content Management System

The G5 Beginner course for the Content Management System will provide an overview of basic website editing. This course will prepare clients to edit text content, upload and add or replace photos, write blogs, and add events.


G5 Beginner: Dashboard

The G5 Beginner course for Dashboard will provide an overview of reports and how G5 clients can access and use our reporting.


G5 Intermediate: Search Engine Optimization

The G5 Intermediate course for SEO will provide an overview of on page SEO and best practices for clients to follow when creating new pages or modifying existing content.


G5 Expert: Self Storage Static Inventory Management

The G5 Expert course for Self Storage Static Inventory Management provides information on creating and managing static inventory through the CPAS.

TBD / In Progress